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Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
research before we know for death the only cd also finds that our education system is fairer than most. we have significantly fewer noah tevez and many other countries. the performance are achieving students these is very good compared to countries is that which is a positive and on the other hand that comes from a higher achieving students a's and somewhat lower than we would like and especially for maths to use the gop's the show to precede domestic own indie dance performance. now i'm just a great use to be a dancer in science. our fifteen year old outperform their uk counterparts on all fronts. for instance significantly filling meeting not quite to the woodstock for his copy book but definitely a super one. and kelley or team news. six the news from. so it was fun i know. we check and one one one one one. i do the eye clearly . earlier. i mean the area i am. i do. i do the eye. i knew. the euro the eye the eye. i knew. i know the air. eye. ch . each as i thought what a joke the top story the cracking three am tuesday the third of december
Dec 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
held over six hundred million euro to our games this year. much of its an investment in education we see this is part of the investment for the future because education is the future education helped develop the potential to help all of individuals and students say that the economy can really kick in again kathy high on rte news the memory. it is the esb group of unions has said there is no danger industry to taking place following agreement reached after labor relations commission yesterday. it's a no go said unions would stop by the deal would address concerns i have a budget deficits in the company's pension scheme the appeal. it could end up going to build up in the defined benefit scheme. i was a critical of any leaves that will be that is the necessity of industrial action. that's a relief to be put into deals. what we had to take action to defend the members' rights we did so with honesty of comics ftp and we want. my sisters and friends know can expect to his beliefs but its effect to say the boppy have now is that it's a sort of opposing piece that went to st nicks and china
Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
but it's a very long two page clarification to know the sentiment said in that education jump up from the grind. the forest is he states that iam that it was not his intention in that news talk and if you are know to cause any further hurt to two great families. he then attempts to get some context to the comments he made. he has this white but his political opponents and then he comes to a phrase where he stays up costs should not be allowed to prevent the building of the peaks of the fair and harmonious future for all citizens that's more like the addams language of recent years that he has been so used to going very close to the line sometimes on the line rarity over the line. his opponents would say this statement this evening is not enough. like say there are some people are very close to him. who would be glad that his mate that but anatomical in belfast i slept. the jury has failed to reach a parenting tool to turn the birds come and post office manager accused of tampering with the learned turn up. fifty euro to happen rogers has denied allegations that he faced to sum up the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3